Legal Services

Real Estate & Property Law

We assist our clients in all manner of residential and commercial real estate transactions, including purchases, sales, mortgage refinancing and commercial leasing. We also provide services to private lenders in mortgage transactions.

We strive to guide all transactions to a successful completion without last minute surprises or unexpected costs.

Business Law

We provide legal services to a wide range of clients but our focus is on small to mid-size businesses. We often advise entrepreneurs in connection with their business start-ups and a growing number of our clients are Internet based businesses. We assist with initial business incorporations and organizations, business purchases and sales, company reorganizations, preparation of various business agreements and business financings.  We also provide ongoing services to our established business clients in regard to HR matters, corporate re-organizations and minute book maintenance and contractual disputes.

Our goal is to learn about and understand our clients’ business and to establish long term relationships with our clients so that we are available to provide prompt and accurate advice when our clients need it.

Family law

We help our clients resolve disputes regarding children, property and finances, and often with immediate emergencies such as missed mortgage payments or allegations of abuse, power imbalance, or domestic violence. We sort out the family’s needs and work toward finding resolutions.

Collaborative Family Law

Separation and divorce processes are never easy, but depending on your situation it doesn’t have to be painful. Collaborative Family Law is a legal process that enables couples who have decided to separate to work with their lawyers to develop a workable separation agreement without the formality and the stress of litigation.

Arbitration & Mediation

We can act as a neutral facilitator to assist two parties in reaching a consensual settlement, providing a legally-binding alternative to going to motion or trial.

We work with clients addressing issues including children’s custody & residency, child and spousal support, disposition of the matrimonial home, and property equalization.

Wills and Estates

We assist our clients in preparing their Wills and Powers of Attorney by focusing on their objectives and their family needs and obligations.   By taking the time to learn about and understand the unique family dynamics of our clients we are able to provide advice which serves to affect our clients’ intentions while also minimizing possibility of future family conflict.

We also assist clients in administering estates and guiding them through their responsibilities as executors. We have experience in dealing with elderly individuals and are available to travel to client homes, retirement residences or nursing homes to meet with clients with mobility limitations.

Employment Law

We act for both employers and employees and assist in negotiating and review employment agreements, providing advice in regard to employment termination and workplace disputes. We also advise in all manner of related agreements such as non-competition agreements, non-solicitation agreements. Our goal is to provide practical solutions while also protecting the employers’ and the employees’ rights.

We provide ongoing HR support to our business clients.