With education and practical experience background in business management, Adam Altmid, is able to take client’s ideas about what kind of a business they want to build and what they wish to accomplish and recommend the most appropriate and cost effective legal structures to help them reach their goals.

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Business Law for New Businesses

A lot of our work is with entrepreneurs who are planning on either starting a new business or are purchasing an existing business.  Many of these business are traditional “bricks and mortar” business, however, a growing number of our clients are Interment based companies.  In all respects, we focus on understanding our clients’ business, objectives and concerns and providing advice which addresses their needs in the most practical and cost effective manner possible.  In providing our advice we also focus on identifying our clients’ possible sources of liabilities and legal disputes and creating strategies to minimize these.

We recognize that new businesses have unique challenges and often have a large list of business and legal needs but limited financial resources.  We assist our clients in identifying the key legal needs and creating a plan for a gradual implementation of various legal processes in a manner that fits their budgets and allows them to concentrate on building their businesses.

Business Law for Established Businesses

The needs of establishes business can be far reaching from every day issues with contracts, employee matters and reorganizations resulting from partners leaving or coming into the business to more complex matter of tax structuring or estate and succession planning.  Our focus is on understanding the key issues related to our clients’ specific businesses and being available to quickly respond to rising issues.   At times, our clients simply need some telephone advice regarding a specific matter or advice regarding a specific document.  Other times, our clients have more substantial objectives which may require involvement of accountants or tax specialist or cross over into other areas of law.

Our goal is to establish a long term relationships with our clients and be available to provide effective, timely legal advice including guidance and referrals to other professionals when required.

Internet-Based Businesses

Internet Business share some similarities with traditional type businesses but also have very unique concerns and needs.  A growing number of our clients operate in this sphere and our objectives are to gear our legal advice to effectively address the particular realities of those type of business.

Business Law services

  • Business Formation: We can advise you how your business should be organized and assist you with the creating the proper structure whether it is an incorporation, partnership, joint venture or some other arrangement.
  • Business Reorganizations:  We can assist you with restructuring of your ongoing business through issuance of new shares, share transfers, share reorganizations, amalgamations, dissolutions and other changes.
  • Business Purchases and Sales: We can advise you on the most appropriate manner to deal with the sale or purchase of a business and we can assist you to negotiate and draft agreements and to complete purchase and sale transaction.
  • Business Contracts and Agreements: We can assist you in the preparation of many forms of business agreements.  Whether you need a Partnership Agreement, a Shareholders’ Agreement, an Employment or Contractor Agreement, a Loan Agreement, a License Agreement, a Lease, any form of Internet or Website Agreement or other agreement unique to your business we will review your requirements, carefully draft the required agreement to meet your requirements and discuss with you the implications of each provision of the draft agreement.
  • Minute Book Maintenance:  We store and routinely update many of our client’s corporate minute books to ensure that they remain current and compliant with application regulations.
  • Commercial Leases: We can help you understand how various provisions of a commercial lease will affect your business, including your costs, liabilities, rights and obligations and assist you to make informed decisions prior to executing any lease. Knowing which provisions of the lease are critical in specific circumstances is a key to efficiently negotiating any lease and protecting the rights of the tenant and the landlord.   Our advice also extends to negotiating and drafting commercial lease amending agreements, renewals and extensions, assignments and subleases.
  • HR Support: many of our clients rely on us for ongoing support with their Human Resources needs.  We routinely advise our business clients in regard to their rights and obligations in connection with their employees and contractors and assist in the preparation of employment and contractor agreements, as well as with disciplinary matters and terminations.

For a free consultation with regards to any business law related matters, please contact Adam Altmid today at 416-663-6888 or by email at adam@altmidroll.com.