When you are in the middle of a family breakdown, it may seem like your life goes into emergency mode. When you are confronted with a serious family law issue, there are major decisions to be made about your children, your property, your living arrangements and your finances. Seemingly unsolvable conflicts can arise over anything and everything, and emotions run high, and your previously stable life may feel like it’s in shambles.

At Altmid Roll & Associates, we strive to bring stability back. Our role in the conflict is to safeguard your interests and help you solve the unsolvable disputes, so your family can move forward.

Making the Tough Choices for your Family

We can help you sort through your priorities and understand what you need to do in order to move forward. We will help you communicate with your spouse about:

  • Children: Perhaps the most difficult and contentious area for most parents. We can help you keep the focus on your children’s best interests as you decide where they will live, how their needs will be met, and how decisions will be made about their education, health care, religious upbringing and other important matters.
  • Division of property: In Ontario, different family law rules apply depending on whether you are married or common-law, but we can help you divide your common property fairly and equitably no matter your status.
  • Support: For both child support and spousal support we can help you work out reasonable payments, as payer or payee. We will explain your rights and obligations and protect your interests as we fine-tune amounts and methods of payment.
  • Collaborative Law: Not all separations require the pain an expense of litigation. If you and your partner are are both looking to negotiate a practical settlement, we offer a collaborative resolution practice.
  • Other: A variety of other topics may be important to you, including allegations of abuse or power imbalance which may require consideration, complex business interests to divide, and debt or mortgage payments to handle.

We serve families all over the Greater Toronto Area, including North York, Scarborough, Mississauga, and Vaughan. Contact Tilda Roll today at 416-663-6888 or by email at tilda@altmidroll.com.