Arbitration and mediation is a legally-binding means by which litigants can resolve disputes before going to a motion or trial. A mediator acts as a neutral facilitator to assist both parties in reaching a consensual settlement.

With her training and professional designations in mediation and arbitration, Tilda Roll helps disputants settle their outstanding issues in Family Law, including:

  • Custody & residency of the children
  • Child and spousal support
  • Disposition of the matrimonial home
  • Equalization of the parties’ net family property

If you are considering arbitration or mediation, you may retain your own lawyer throughout the process. Because open and honest communications are essential to a successful mediation, all statements made during the mediation discussions and/or negotiations will be kept confidential and privileged.

Mediation is a voluntary process, and both parties share the responsibility for covering mediation fees. Nevertheless, this is usually significantly less expensive than resolving your dispute in court, and is less likely to leave you displeased than a court judgment.

We are always happy to discuss our mediation services. To book an appointment or schedule a telephone conference, please contact Franca Albanese by phone at 416-663-6888 ext. 230, or by email today.