At Altmid Roll & Associates, we pride ourselves on our passion for solving legal matters in the workplace. We represent Employers and Employees in regard to all employment law related matters.  This provides us with a unique perspective which assists us in addressing and mediating various employment disputes.

Employment Law for Employers

With our employment law services for employers, we proactively assist our employer clients to minimize future liability and loss related to employee disputes and turnover. In this regard, we often help employers draft Employment and Contractor Agreements and policies which comply with the constantly evolving legal requirements.  We also advise Employers on how to deal with specific employee disputes or difficult or disabled employees within the requirements of the law and without exposing the Employers to lawsuits.  We can also provide guidance on how to address employment issues arising from various business changes, such as relocation or sales of businesses.

Employment Law for Employees

With our employment law services for employees, we inform and empower employees in order to facilitate the proper resolution of various employment related issues. We provide advice to employees with respect difficult workplace situations such as harassment and discrimination, or sudden termination. We inform the employees of their rights and the corresponding obligations and responsibilities of their Employers.

We review Employment Agreements and other related contracts such as Non-Competition Agreement and Non-Solicitation Agreements and provide advice on the legal effect on various provisions contained in those agreements and whether or not they can be enforced.  We also review termination packages to ensure they fulfill all the employer’s legal obligations.

With respect to all matters relating to employment law, please contact Adam Altmid at or Tilda Roll today at 416-663-6888 or by email at