Our Wills and Estates services are focused on two different types of services to help you plan for your family’s future:

Wills and Power of Attorney Preparation

In addition to distributing your assets in the manner that you wish, a properly drafted Will also considers and appoints individuals most properly suited to act as the executors of the Will and guardians of any minor children.  Our focus in preparing any Will regardless of the size and complexity of the estate is to facilitate as smooth transfer of assets as possible following the death of the testator.   We take the required time to understand your family and its particular dynamics as well as your legal and moral obligations and intentions.  For many of our clients there are additional concerns, such as:

  • Obligations to former spouses or children from previous marriages or current spouses.
  • Common law relationships.
  • Minor children or children with special needs or substance abuse problems.
  • Elderly family members or other dependents.
  • Estranged families or long standing family disputes.
  • Business assets.
  • Lack of family members suitable to act as Executors or guardians of minor children.

In preparing your Will or your Power of Attorney we will:

  • Identify potential sources of conflict and give you recommendations for drafting your documents in a manner that will attempt to minimize those possible conflicts.
  • Discuss with you applicable estate taxes.
  • Help you choose the right individuals to act as the Executors and Attorneys.
  • Help you balance competing needs of various family members.
  • Discuss transfer of business assets and related third party rights (such as other shareholders).

Estate Law and Administration

We can provide you with general advice in regard to the responsibilities and obligations of administering an estate and assist you in dealing with creditors, beneficiaries, insurance companies and financial institutions holding the various assets.  In the event of estates where there is no Will, we can give you advice in regard to proper distribution of estate property.

We will prepare the require documentation for Appointment of Estate Trustees with or without a Will and assist you in completing the Estate Information Return.   We can also advise you in connection with Executor compensation, passing of accounts, obtaining clearance certificates and distributing the estate property, including, the preparation of all related documents and beneficiary releases.

With respect to all matters relating to Wills and Estates, please contact Adam Altmid today at 416-663-6888 or by email at adam@altmidroll.com.